sâmbătă, 4 iulie 2015

Quick breakfast!/ Mic dejun rapid!

We all have those morning in which time is our enemy...you have to do a lot of things: wash yourself, get dressed, put on some make up and of course eat...I personally sometimes leave eating the last, and ideas of what to eat will not come to my mind if I am stressed. For those days, this recipe will be your true friend.

Cu totii avem acele dimineti cand timpul este dusmanul nostru...trebuie sa facem atatea lucruri: sa ne spalam, sa ne imbracam, sa ne machiem si binenteles sa mai si mancam...Sunt momente cand eu personal las mancatul pe ultimul loc si idei cu privire la ce as manca nu am cand mai sunt si stresata pe deasupra. Pentru acele zile, aceasta reteta va fi cel mai bun prieten al vostru.

- cereals
- cherries
- bananas

- cereale
- cirese
- banane

There is not much to do: just cut the fruits, and layer everything: a layer of bananas, one of cherries one of cereals until the jar is full, and you are good to go. You can ever eat this in your car, if you are not driving of course :) Have a great weekend!

Multe nu sunt de facut: trebuie sa taiati fructele si sa faceti straturi de banane, cirese, cereale pana cand borcanul se umple. Daca sunteti intr-o graba extraordinar de mare puteti chiar sa il luati cu voi in masina, asta daca nu conduceti binenteles :) Va doresc un weekend extraordinar!

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